LAP Ladder League 2024

June Ladder

May Ladder RESULTS

First - Colleen Smolen

Second - Jim Coleman, John Patston & Tony Provenzano

Third - Steve Vogel

First - Bruce Rillema

Second - Tonya Peterson

Third - Matt Kietzman

Four Ladder Sessions

This season we will be hosting FOUR ladder league sessions, one in May, June, July, and August. Each session will be four weeks long and will have an intermediate and advanced ladder. The ladders will not mix, they are separate ladders. We will alternate between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. start times and Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Each session will operate like our ladders of past years. The winning team moves up, the losing team moves down. Both teams split. Each night players will play five games. If you can not play, you are responsible for finding a sub at your level of play. 

Registration will open on the Sunday two weeks prior to the start date on a first come, first serve basis. If the ladder fills, members can be added to a waitlist. The waitlist will be given priority to register for the next session. 

League Schedule

May - Wednesdays (8, 15, 22, & 29)  

June - Thursdays (6, 13, 20, & 27) 

July - Wednesdays (10, 17 24, & 31) Registration opens Sunday, June 23 at 1 p.m.

August - Thursdays (1, 8. 15, & 22) Registration opens Sunday, July 14 at 1 p.m.

Finals Party: Thursday, August 29

Registration opens Sunday, August 11 at 1 p.m.

At the end of the season, we will host a finals party and will place the players on courts based on their ladder averages. During this party, the four players will only play with each player on their court like a small round-robin. Players will only play 3 games. We will record scores and will reward the top players in each level. 

LAP Ladder Play Rules




League players results are the average of the courts earned. If a player's fifth game was on court 2 and they lost, then they “earned” court 3. If a player was on court 2 and won, they "earned" court 1.  

LAP Ladder Questions

Do I have to be a Ludington Area Pickleball Member to play in the Ladder?

YES! This is a LAP run league and requires membership. Learn about how to become a LAP member and how to pay your annual $25 dues HERE.

How do I register?

A link will be emailed out to LAP members via Pickleball Den. The same link is also available on this page. 

NOTE: Registration for the MAY ladder will open on Sunday, April 21 at 1 p.m. 

Am I required to play in all four sessions?

No. You can play in one or multiple sessions! Everyone who plays in any sessions may register for the finals party. 

May I play in all four sessions?

Some members may be able to play in all four sessions! Great!! We hope everyone who wants to play will be able to find at least one session that works in their schedule.

How do I know which ladder level I should play in?

Intermediate Ladder Player Criteria:

Moderate level of shot control with the forehand, improved stroke development. Beginning to learn stroke form for backhand and becoming more consistent. Consistently gets serve/return in play with limited ability to control depth. Increased consistency with dink shots, with limited ability to control height/depth. Sustains medium-length rallies. Starting to understand variations of pace. Developing the drop shot in a way to get to the net. Can volley medium-paced shots thereby developing control. Moves quickly toward the non-volley zone (NVZ) when the opportunity is there. Acknowledges the difference between the hard game and soft game. Can sustain short rallies. Is learning proper court positioning. Basic knowledge of stacking and understands situations where it can be effective.

Advanced Ladder Player Criteria:

This player has a high level of consistency with their forehand. Uses pace and depth to generate opponents' errors or set up the next shot. With their backhand, they can effectively direct the ball with varying depth and paces with good consistency. Serves with power, accuracy, and depth and can also vary the speed and spin of the serve. Ability to place the ball with high success at changing shot types while playing both consistently and with offensive intent. Recognizes and attempts to hit attackable dinks. Consistently executes effective 3rd shot strategies that are not easily returned for advantage. Able to intentionally and consistently place the ball. 
 Able to block hard volleys directed at them and can consistently drop them into the NVZ. Comfortable hitting swinging volleys. Hits overhead shots consistently, often as putaways. Has good footwork and moves laterally, backward, and forward well. Uses weight transfer for more efficient footwork. Able to change direction with ease. Very comfortable playing at the non-volley zone. Communicates and moves well with partner — easily “stacks" court positions. Understands strategy and can adjust style of play and game plan according to the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and court position. Limited number of unforced errors.

Can I change the level I play from one session to the next?

Yes. If you find that you are not well matched at a level, you may choose to move up or down if you play in a future session.

Note: Once registration has closed, high intermediate or low advanced players may be asked if they are willing to switch levels to help create full courts for league play. 

Does the JULY league end the same week the August league starts?

Yes. In order to take the July 4th week off and hold the Finals in August, we have two league days in the same week on Wednesday, July 31 and Thursday, August 1. These are two separate sessions. Players are still welcome to play in both the July and August sessions, and should plan for both Wednesday and Thursday play that week. 

Am I automatically placed into the finals at the end of the season?

No. You will still have to register  for the finals. Every player who participates in any of the ladder sessions will be able to play in the finals on Thursday, August 29. 

What about Ladies Round Robin?

Ladies Round Robin is held on Wednesdays from 12:30 p.m. for 3.5+ players and on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. for 3.0 players. Ladies who play in the Round Robin can definitely play in both leagues, even if they are on the same day. If playing in two leagues in one day is too much pickleball (as if there could be such a thing), then there are two sessions this summer that will not be on the same day. 

Am I automatically placed into the finals at the end of the season?

No. You will still have to register  for the finals. Every player who participates in any of the ladder sessions will be able to play in the finals on Thursday, August 29. 

League Leadership

Katie Provenzano

2024 LAP Ladder League Director


Vic Burwell

2024 LAP Ladder League Assistant Director