Important Announcement

Hey everyone! PJ has some important updates regarding indoor play at WSCC. Please read this carefully before making any plans.

Limited Availability

We've noticed that indoor play has been busy but not always full. There have been instances where we had a waitlist, but fewer than 16 players showed up on the actual day, leaving spots available. So, before signing up, please double-check your schedule and remove your name promptly if your plans change.

Sign-up Rules

To ensure fairness, you can only sign yourself up for indoor play. You can't sign up other members from your account. Let's respect this rule and play fair!

Guest Sign-up

Due to the long waitlist and limited spots, we are currently prioritizing Member play and have temporarily removed the Guest sign-up option. If you need a guest to play and there are available spots, please reach out to PJ. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Let's make sure everyone gets a fair chance to enjoy indoor play!

Indoor Play Options for LAP Members

October - May

West Shore Community College


Play Guidelines

Play Times

How to sign up:

Blackout Dates

St. Johns Church


Play Guidelines

Play times

How to sign up

Blackout Dates

Indoor Play Courtesies

As a safety measure, please call "ball!" if a ball from your court goes into another court. Toss or hit the ball back to the appropriate court. Balls rolled on the ground can be a trip hazard for unsuspecting players.

At the end of the game, please secure the ball before touching the net with your paddle.

What is the rule for rotating players in and out when there are players waiting? Generally, the agreed-upon practice is that only the winning two players stay on and split, while two more players join for the first game. After the first game, rotate out after playing two games to give everyone a chance to play.

Pickleball Den

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