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Ludington Pickleball Camps 

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Pay for camp on the first day by cash or check made out to Jim Logan.

"I am really excited to offer an immersion pickleball camp this summer. You have the opportunity to learn from the very best with lead instructor Dan McLaughlin. Two camps are offered with themes that are appropriate to your skill level. Both camps will be challenging, fun, and set you up for a summer of enjoyable pickleball. See you at camp!" ~ Jim Logan

Ludington Pickleball Camp 3.0 – 3.5 level


In this camp, you'll learn everything about pickleball from A to Z. Improve your technique through focused drills, learn to build a point and play percentage pickleball, how to avoid injuries, what to consider in a new paddle, proper warmup, and above all have fun while you gain consistency.

The general theme of the camp is to enjoy pickleball by making fewer errors and playing longer point rallies – Gain Consistency. We will accomplish this by introducing a topic, explaining why that skill is important, and providing a demonstration, followed by a focused drill on that skill. After the drill, we will expand into a game reinforcing that skill. In between practice sessions, while taking a well-deserved rest, we will have short discussions on paddles, injury prevention, how to practice, and get the most out of leagues.

Over the course of 2 days and 6 hours on the court, you will receive individual attention to help you improve your pickleball game. After the camp immersion, you will gain confidence, become more effective in league play and maybe be ready to play in that September tournament. But above all, you will have more fun playing pickleball!

To sign up or ask questions, please email Jim at Payment will be collected on the first day of the camp by cash or check made out to Jim Logan.

Ludington Pickleball Camp – High 3.5 – 4.0 level


The theme for this camp is "Mastering the Transition to the Kitchen Line" - points are won at the kitchen and lost at the baseline. The camp will start out with focused drills and fun games to improve each skill needed in a transition, such as drops, drives, blocks, and knowing when to hit soft or hard.

The next set of drills will focus on what shots to use under certain conditions to advance, such as when to drive the ball or when to hit a soft drop shot into the kitchen, when to advance as a team, when to play defense, and waiting for the right shot to advance. These are all critical aspects of winning in advanced play.

The final part of the camp will be gameplay, putting everything together. Emphasis will be on the winning percentage strategy. At the end of the camp, you will have a clear vision of how to transition to the kitchen line for winning pickleball.

With only eight players and two instructors, you will receive lots of individual attention.

To sign up or ask questions, please email Jim at Payment will be collected on the first day of the camp by cash or check made out to Jim Logan.

Instructor Biographies

Lead Instructor – Dan McLaughlin

Dan McLaughlin is a multi-sport athlete, having played varsity tennis for the University of Michigan, ranked top 10 nationally in platform tennis, and won six national paddleball championships. Since 2013, he has focused on pickleball, achieving 5.0 level in 2016 and winning gold medals in the US Open, Nationals, and Huntsman Senior Nationals. He has taught over 1200 players and was invited to be one of the six instructors at the annual USAPA Pickleball Academy. Dan is known for his encouraging teaching style and ability to make each session fun and productive. He has worked with players of all ages and skill levels and has been featured in “The Best Pickleball Players of All Time.”

Jim Logan

Jim is a former varsity tennis player at the University of Arizona, playing on the European and Asian tennis circuits and achieving a world ranking of 287. After his playing career, he turned to teaching and coaching, teaching at tennis clubs in Maine and Arizona and coaching high school tennis teams, including an Arizona high school state champion. Jim began playing pickleball in 2017, medalling in the 4.5 division. He is a Certified Professional Pickleball Registry Professional and has focused on teaching pickleball for the past three years. Jim enjoys teaching all levels of the game in Arizona and Michigan, striving to help players reach their potential in a fun and challenging way.